Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Dispersed Camping Rules:

  • Dispersed camping is allowed within 150′ of the edge of an allowed road
  • Time limit: 14 days, after which you must move 5 miles
  • No camping within 100′ of water sources
  • More rules

Designated Dispersed Camping Areas:

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Colville National Forest

Dispersed Camping Rules

  • Dispersed camping is allowed anywhere unless specifically prohibited.
  • Dispersed camping is allowed up to 150′ or 300′ from the centerline of the road, depending on whether you read their Dispersed Camping Guidelines or their MVUMs, which have different numbers. However:
    • Vehicles may “park” up to 30′ from the edge of the road as long as they aren’t damaging the forest.
    • Therefore the 30′ rule overrides the 150′ and 300′ rules when camping in a vehicle.
  • Time limit: 16 days, after which you must move 5 miles. You may not return to the same campsite for one calendar year.
  • No dispersed┬ácamping within 100′ of a water source.
  • No dispersed camping near a campground, picnic area, trailhead, or other developed recreation area.
  • No removing firewood from the forest without a permit.
  • Catholes are OK.
  • The forest is mixed with a lot of private land, so check your MVUMs!
  • Colville Dispersed Camping Guidelines – Kudos for the detail!

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