Class C Motorhome Pros and Cons


  • Medium to large size
  • Low to medium price
  • Decent to good quality
  • Can stand up in it
  • Can walk around while in motion (questionable legality)
  • Fairly easy to set up and break camp
  • Good amenities and luxury
  • Good safety and security
  • Decent accessible locations and maneuverability
  • Great extensibility and customizability
  • Easy transition
  • Great tank capacities and hookups
  • Very common
  • Exhaustive community
  • Widely favor
  • It’s kinda designed for this

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Why van dwelling?

Humans have a tendency to pursue the familiar and comfortable. We find our way into a life that provides a seemingly reasonable compromise between happiness and security, dig ourselves into a rut, put down roots, and wait a few decades for death to find us. Some of us tend to move around and do it several times, but the pattern is the same. In doing so, we basically throw our hands in the air and declare “Good enough.” While people have the right to pursue happiness, at some point, they just stop doing so. This is an antipattern that demands fixing.

Why do we move from place to place every few years or decades? Because we get bored with that place. We pick a new location, tell ourselves we’re going to explore it and see what it really has to offer. Ultimately, however, we end up right back in the same rut we just came from, and probably with more debt. The cycle itself prevents us from pursuing happiness, let alone finding it. Continue reading “Why van dwelling?”