Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland

Arapaho NF, Roosevelt NF, and Pawnee NG are all grouped together in the USFS website; but do not be confused: They are not in the same place.

Dispersed Camping Rules

  • Time limit: 14 consecutive days, after which you must move 3 miles
  • Time limit: 28 total days in any 60-day period
  • No dispersed camping at developed trailheads or picnic sites
  • USFS Land is interspersed with private land; watch for signs and check your MVUMs.
  • “Some” areas only allow camping at designated sites.

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Million Dollar Highway

If you ever get to drive the Million Dollar Highway between Ouray and Durango, make sure it’s in the first week of October. Entire mountainsides were changing colors, in waves.

People always say the highway is dangerous. Just take your time and pay attention, and you’ll be fine. Continue reading “Million Dollar Highway”

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

We camped the second night at the South Rim Campground at BCGNP, and spent the third day of our trip exploring it.

There are parts of the canyon where sunlight simply cannot reach. Most of the canyon gets very little, due to the steepness of the canyon walls.

Due to the foliage, steepness, narrowness, and darkness of the canyon, I thought it was actually more pleasing than the Grand Canyon.  Size isn’t everything. Continue reading “Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park”

Rincon Campground

On our way from the Royal Gorge to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, we camped at Rincon Campground. It was expensive for a simple primitive campground ($32 for two vehicles), but it was scenic.

The parking was riverfront and right off the highway. There are vault toilets, a boat ramp, and a picnic area. There was only one other vehicle camped there (out of 6 campsites). Each campsite comes with a flat tent pad, fire pit, and picnic table; and each campsite is right on the Arkansas River. Continue reading “Rincon Campground”

Clear Creek Reservoir State Wildlife Area

GPS: 39.020723, -106.278451

As you may have heard, Bob is in Leadville.  I live nearby, so I e-mailed him thinking it would be neat to meet him, but his response indicated that he’s been swarmed with dozens of similar requests. So I figured maybe some other time, like at the RTR (Jan 11-21, 2018).

Nonetheless, I’ve heard from several sources how amazing the Leadville area is, so I figured I’d head down there anyway. It’s only a few hours away, and in my decades in Colorado I can’t believe I’ve never gone there. I had been cooped up in the house for months, hadn’t had the last few weekends off; and the mountains were calling. I had to go. Continue reading “Clear Creek Reservoir State Wildlife Area”