Eldorado National Forest

Dispersed Camping Rules:

  • Time limit: 10 days in each district per year. That is, you can camp in a given district for any 10 days out of the year, regardless of when they are. There are 4 districts, so you can camp in the forest for up to 40 total days per year.
  • This is California, so (free) permits are required for campfires.
  • Visitors can camp “just about anywhere in the forest, unless specifically prohibited”; and not around 9 specific lakes; and not within 100 feet of a stream or lake; and not within the boundary markings of a developed campground.
  • Vehicles must be parked within one vehicle length of the edge of the surface of an allowed road.

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Cleveland National Forest

Dispersed Camping Rules

  • Dispersed camping is allowed within Cleveland NF.
  • Time limit: 14 days out of every 30 days
  • Wood and charcoal fires are prohibited everywhere except developed campgrounds and picnic sites.
  • There’s a lot of private land interspersed with the forest, so check the MVUMs.

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