Notes on Water

To prevent water lines from freezing:

  • Wrap water lines in aluminium foil with a strand of electrical “heat tape”. Obviously, make the heat tape easy to disconnect, or put it on a switch. Then, wrap some foam pipe insulation around the whole thing.
  • When water is not in use, turn off the water pump, and drain any excess pressurized water from the system into a bucket in the sink.  Capturing it in a bucket allows you to reuse it for some other purpose.
  • When you first turn on the shower, there is an initial moment where the hot water hasn’t come into the plumbing yet, so some water gets wasted. Collect this water in a bucket and reuse it for some other purpose. Keeping the bucket in the shower, if you have enough space, will also help you to reduce the amount of wasted runoff. This water can be used, for example, to flush your non-composting toilet.

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Useful Apps for Fulltiming / vandwelling / van life / RV life

  • AllStays Camp and RV (Android | Apple)
    • Campsites (Army Corps, National/County/State/City Park, Forest, Independent, KOA,  BLM, overnight parking, Walmart (and even suggests whether they allow overnights; but check with the manager anyway))
    • Visual map with icons and icon filtering
    • GPS-aware; shows you what’s nearby but you can look around beyond that; shows your current location in relation to the things on the map
    • Look up data by type, state, city
    • Photos and reviews
    • Primitive spots that other apps don’t show
    • Truck and rest stops
    • Weather
    • Dump stations
    • Supplies
    • RV service
    • Low bridges
    • Many parts of the app work even without service

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