Backup Systems

Things are going to break. Things are going to fail at the worst possible time. Therefore it’s critical to have backups for everything, especially if you’re going to be dispersed camping in the middle of nowhere.

Below is a list of things you’ll need to consider, and some options for each one. For each system, you should consider having at least two choices while you’re on the road. These are just the ideas I’ve found. Continue reading “Backup Systems”

Cell phones, Internet, and Wifi

You’re probably gonna want to stay connected. You need your phone for work, and without the Internet, most people these days would likely go insane. You may also be one of the lucky ones who get to telecommute. So let’s examine what exactly it takes to get a signal.

First off, if you’re going to be Urban Camping, then you’ll probably always have a cell signal and a variety of open Wifi access points. So this article is going to target the Dispersed Camping folks. Continue reading “Cell phones, Internet, and Wifi”

Useful Apps for Fulltiming / vandwelling / van life / RV life

  • AllStays Camp and RV (Android | Apple)
    • Campsites (Army Corps, National/County/State/City Park, Forest, Independent, KOA,  BLM, overnight parking, Walmart (and even suggests whether they allow overnights; but check with the manager anyway))
    • Visual map with icons and icon filtering
    • GPS-aware; shows you what’s nearby but you can look around beyond that; shows your current location in relation to the things on the map
    • Look up data by type, state, city
    • Photos and reviews
    • Primitive spots that other apps don’t show
    • Truck and rest stops
    • Weather
    • Dump stations
    • Supplies
    • RV service
    • Low bridges
    • Many parts of the app work even without service

Continue reading “Useful Apps for Fulltiming / vandwelling / van life / RV life”