RV Fulltiming Problems You Rarely See on YouTube

It’s not always the wonderland you see on the Internet. Your troubles aren’t merely eliminated; they are replaced with other, less familiar ones.  Here are a few of them you might experience.

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Why not van dwelling?

After espousing some of the advantages of van dwelling, it seemed important to balance the picture with the downsides. Every decision in life carries risk — otherwise it wouldn’t really be a decision — And it’s important to do our cost/benefit analyses along the way. After a major decision is made, it’s also important to review the results and ensure they were what you expected.

As with any lifestyle, van dwelling certainly isn’t for everyone. Especially when you don’t have the time to plan things out, if you don’t have an ongoing source of income, if you have little or no savings, or if your research was incomplete, you may find the results very different from what you expected. Continue reading “Why not van dwelling?”