It’s done. We’re gone.

About a month ago, we closed on the house and drove to Texas to stay with some family.

We made enough on the sale of the house to pay off all our debts and buy a smallish travel trailer.

We have moved our insurance to Texas. We have obtained vehicle inspections, registrations, and titles. We have gone through the licensing process and are now waiting for our Texas licenses to arrive in the mail. We are now officially Texas residents.

We will be staying here in Texas for another month or so. Then we’ll be visiting other family in California in December. After that, everything is currently open-ended.

Goodbye, mortgage!
Goodbye, regular sewer backups!
Goodbye, utility bills!
Goodbye, lawn maintenance!
Goodbye, snow shoveling!
Goodbye, door to door solicitors!
Goodbye, state income tax!

May we never meet again.

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