Flathead National Forest

Dispersed Camping Rules:

  • Dispersed camping is allowed within 300 feet of an allowed road according to the MVUMs, but the office said you can camp basically anywhere.
  • Party size limited to 15 people around the South Fork of the Flathead River; 10 people in some areas.
  • Time limit: 16 days in one spot, after which you must move 5 miles. You can return to the original spot after 7 days.
  • The office says there are some good spots for vehicle camping. Don’t block gates, roads, etc.¬† Described it as “so-so”.
  • Cell coverage is basically nonexistent.

Designated Dispersed Camping Areas:



  • Official website
  • Maps¬†including MVUMs. Dispersed camping areas are shown on MVUMs. Dispersed camping areas are mixed in with game retrieval areas. Access is seasonal.

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