The Wait

I’ve done the research, done the design,
I’ve bought the wood and screws;
I’ve carefully built this rig of mine,
I have paid my dues.

It’s all starting to align,
every wire and fuse;
I’ve got power from the sunshine,
none of this is news.

I yearn to be among the Pines,
to get out there and cruise;
to live the life we know Divine,
throughout the land suffuse.

But there’s this house I must assign
to whoever will excuse
its problems more or less benign
which somebody must choose.

We managed to obtain a buyer,
almost as if by fate;
but now there is an entire
delay to abate.

We took the washer and the dryer,
every bowl and plate;
Many contractors I’ve hired,
for work the buyers dictate.

Before my final plans transpire,
before good becomes great;
I must put off the campfire
for that final date.

Soon to be with my desire,
Better than never, late;
Before long, I can retire,
But for now, I must wait.

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