The Van is Done

Quick update. The van is done. There are no further show stoppers that would prevent me / us from moving to a nomadic lifestyle.  Many small issues, but nothing mission-critical.

The electrical system is complete. We have 700W recharging 428Ah, fans and fridge running 24/7, and rarely do we ever get below “full” (12.84V) overnight. I’ve never seen it get below 12.6V except when the induction stove is running; after which it returns to higher levels in due course.

The communications system is complete. I have installed and tested the cell signal booster, the Verizon hotspot, and the WiFi range extender.

The plumbing system is complete. While simple (tank, tube, faucet; sink, tube, bucket), it does its job and it does it well. The tanks are easy to replace / dump and do their job well. The PVC components were recently reinforced with a heavy-duty cement designed for that purpose.

The cookery goes well. In good sun, the electrical system can recoup the induction stove’s runtime in three times the time. That is, if I run the induction stove for 20 minutes at half power (900W = 75A), in good sun, I can refill the used Amp-Hours in under an hour. But this won’t work all the time, so we also have a propane stove and will probably buy a generator.

The Superstructure is meeting expectations. The woodwork inside the van is staying in place and supports hundreds of pounds of ME while also containing hundreds of pounds of supplies.

The ventilation system is working great. The fans under the woodwork are running smoothly and keep the air circulating, which prevents moisture buildup and mold growth. The Fantastic Fan does exactly what it was meant to do, and provides a breezeway when the doors or windows are open.

The van is DONE. The van is TESTED. Everything is working flawlessly. It’s time to hit the road.

Unfortunately, we still have a house to sell. I’ve begun the testing phase, ensuring I can work and we can live from the van, while the wife is getting rid of our junk and preparing the house for sale. Van life will have to wait for that. In the meantime, I’m  doing whatever I can to ensure the van is ready when the time comes.

We should be on the road by Fall 2018.

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