Van Build Progress Update

Progress on the van build has been slow but steady. I’ve been working on this thing for about a year, and it’s almost done. Progress has been stifled somewhat by a combination of scheduling conflicts, extreme weather, and the laziness that is inherent to all computer programmers.

This update is for those of you who do not follow my build on YouTube. I update that far more often, for some reason.

Looks like my last update was in February. I was working on the superstructure at the time. I have long since finished it, including the dinette and side cabinets. Continue reading “Van Build Progress Update”

Iterative Development: A software metaphor for van builds

I am a software developer, specializing in relational database development. In software development, we have processes (“methodologies”) that help us maximize the quality of our product. While there are many different methodologies and permutations thereof, they usually look something like this:

  1. Gather requirements (what does the customer want?)
  2. Analyze requirements (what do these requirements mean?)
  3. Design (how should we solve their problem?)
  4. Development (build it)
  5. Test (test it)
  6. Integration (make it work with other things, if applicable)
  7. Deployment (deliver / install / configure the product)

Problems can arise in any step along the way. When they do, you bring those problems back to step 1 and repeat. The loop continues until there are no new requirements / problems (or the project runs out of money). Continue reading “Iterative Development: A software metaphor for van builds”