Don’t Watch the News

The comings and goings of those who don’t matter
dominate the headlines;
When nothing to say and nary a smatter
they still need a baseline.

Whether you watch Fox or CNN
or just read the bottom marquee;
the screams from the bullpen / or really a playpen
remind me of Anarchy.

Left and right and laughs and lies
cannot be called journalism;
their constant disguise / is to pay a franchise
in a guise for activism.

Even if you choose to care
what is there you can do?
Participate if you dare
you’ll make no breakthrough.

The system’s rigged; it is designed
to keep you where you’re at;
Eventually we’re all resigned
to the will of autocrats.

And finally if I do decide
I need to take some action,
it would be through the guide / of those who have lied
in pursuit of constant distraction.

Unto you I thus confide
(and I hope this gets some traction)
forget all your pride / and go take a ride
and forget about your faction.

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