Life flourishes, vistas abound,
Nature runs its course;

Countless cycles go round and round,
and the results, I endorse.

Whether boondocking or campgrounds,
we all visit the source;

It’s us Nature wants to surround,
and we’ll be out in force.


Lakes and streams and mountain meadows,
caves and cliffs and more;

Ravines and waves, I say in prose:
Nature’s wonders galore.

Rock layers and dinosaur bones,
signs of history;

sedementary limestones,
monuments to geology.


So go outside and take a look,
enjoy the rain and thunder;

From my first campsite I was hooked,
every scene a wonder.

It’s time to change our outlook,
sit on a rock and ponder:

Society is one big crook,
it’s your time they plunder.

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