Circadian Rhythm

With the sun arise and sleep,
such is the way of Nature;

It helps ensure the body’s upkeep,
and prepares us for danger.

So get up and dawn and coffee steep,
go out and see the Creator;

Every bear and bighorn sheep
does the same, I’ll wager.

Incredible color; a blast of light
with each sunrise and sunset;

Every morning, every night
more beautiful than a Corvette.

So pull up a chair and just sit tight
perhaps with a spouse or pet;

It’ll make you happier; less uptight,
an action you’ll never regret.


Take a nap, if you can, in mid-afternoon,
just lay down and rest;

Before too long you’ll be attuned
and no longer be stressed.

In closing I say with Nature commune,
and as you might have guessed,

Perhaps stay up and stare at the moon;
The free things are always the best.

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