2017 GMC Savana 3500: My New Van

I haven’t been posting much lately because I actually picked a vehicle, started the modifications to it, and started going on camping trips to prepare for the Van Life. But I feel bad for disappearing all of a sudden, so here’s the van.

It’s only been two months, but I’ve gotten a fair amount of work done, and the wife and I have gone on a few dry camping trips. Not proper dispersed camping / boondocking, as we’ve been in campgrounds; but no hookups.  I think I may have to ease into boondocking over time; my experiences in the backroads have not been great so far.

So far I’ve installed rain deflectors, wall insulation, wall paneling, roof cargo racks and angle iron, and an awning; and I built a neat bed.

We’ve taken it to Aspenglen campground in Rocky Mountain National Park ($26) twice, and to Falls Campground ($15) in Shoshone National Forest while we explored Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

We also visited Arches National Park, but I was bad at finding boondocking at the time (though I’ve since found super-obvious locations nearby); so we just slept at the nearby Pilot truck stop ($0). Pilot / Flying J are very amenable toward fulltimers.

At this point it may be obvious I’m editing these shots. I’m married, but my wife may not want some pictures of her on here. I’ve left her in a few shots where you can’t make out any detail. I don’t think I want to show you the other vehicle we brought with us, as it’s not related. Let’s just say we have another vehicle, and it can go anywhere the van can go.

Subsequent posts about my modifications and the destinations will follow. For now, enjoy the scenery, and envy my brand new cargo van.

We’ve also set a rough timeline. So far the plan is to go full time sometime around April/May 2018. It’s a long time to wait, but it guarantees we have the time to do things “right” while we have the luxuries of time, money, and a place to park and work on the van without being bothered.

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