Rubber Tramp Rendezvous – Burning Van

You’ve seen this, right?   It’s important to me that you’ve seen this.

All videos are the same moment, from different angles and with different lengths and qualities. Try to spot the videographers from each other’s shots!

And yes, the “Here we go” lady is audible in every single one.


Somewhere in the middle of the song, Jamie decided to cut to some Skrillex stuff, so this one doesn’t have the whole song; but he got some wider shots to show more of the area surrounding the event:

Bonus drone shot that I can’t confirm because they replaced the audio with different recorded music:

Lyrics – From :

In our vans again. Just can’t wait to get in our vans again. The life we love is in the desert with our friends. And we can’t wait to get in our vans again.

In our vans again. Goin places that most haven’t been. Goin places we may never go again. And we can’t wait to get in our vans again.

Rubber tramps again. Like a band of gypsies we go down to Quartzsite. We’ll see Bob again. We’ll share our tales at campfires in the night time. Warm fire time.

Well our vans are small. We have no spaces left upon the wall. But they’re are homes and we’re happy as can be. Our vans are how we’re living oh so free.

Burn that van again. Like a blazing symbol it lights up the night sky. And we all will cheer. Because simple pleasures seem to be the best ones with good friends.

Burn that van again. Just can’t wait to burn up that van again. It marks the end of our stay here in Quartzsite town. But next year we’ll be coming back again. And we can’t wait to get in our vans again.



National Forests: Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs)


If you’re gonna live in your vehicle, you need to park it somewhere. If you’re planning to do a lot of traveling across the US, you’ll need to know which land is legal to “camp” on, when, and for how long. Finally, a big part of the point of all this is to save money, so you want somewhere free.  Fortunately, free parking is available almost anywhere in the western half of the continental US.  When you go to explore the eastern half, it gets a lot harder.

Your choices here are basically BLM land, National Forests, and National Grasslands. I’ve also heard some talk about National Wildlife Refuges, Fish and Wildlife land, and Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) land. This article is specifically about the National Forests. Continue reading “National Forests: Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs)”